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About Plagiarism Checker

Free Online Plagiarism Checker

In this modern era, content writing is crucial in every field. You must have to write content for the marketing of your products, articles to explain your research, blogs for the promotion of your services, and copywriting for effective marketing. The main problem that writers are facing in writing the content is plagiarism. Our free plagiarism checker tool helps digital marketers, bloggers, and students check plagiarism in their marketing campaigns content, blogs, research articles, and websites.


Who Benefits from Tools4Seo's Plagiarism Checker?

It is highly recommended to check plagiarism before uploading your articles on the internet, whether you are a researcher, blogger, website owner, or digital marketer. Search engines will penalize your website and de-rank in SERP. In the worst scenario, search engines can block your websites and will not show in search engines just because of using plagiarized content. In this section, we discuss how this tool can benefit writers from different fields.

Website Owners

Web owners' ultimate goal is to upload high-quality, unique content on their websites regularly. Our free website plagiarism checker deeply analyzed the content and compared millions of websites. After investigating, display the report of duplicate text with the website link to compare. The best percentage-based plagiarism checker shows you the unique content with percentage.


If you are a blogger, you have to upload high-quality content with original ideas to compete with other blogs. The plagiarism checker tool helps you identify your article, whether it is unique or not. Tools4Seo's best AI originality checker analyzes your article and displays the sentence that should rewrite to avoid plagiarism. You should also check grammatical mistakes before uploading your articles to your blog.

Ghost Writers

If you are a freelance content writer, your employer continuously checks your content plagiarism before uploading it on their websites. You cannot succeed in your freelance career if you fail to deliver 100% unique content. You must check your article for plagiarism before providing it to your employer. Increase your credibility and reputation in your freelancing career by using our advanced copyright checker. This copyright checker will help you to generate original and plagiarism-free content.

Research Students

Plagiarism is the main issue for research students. They have to mention others researchers' work in their thesis to elaborate their research work. But duplication checker tool considers other researchers' work as plagiarism. So, it is highly recommended to check the plagiarism before submitting their thesis. Plagiarism is regarded as a crime even in academics. Citation of the sources or rewriting other research work can be the best solution to tackle the duplication in the research thesis. Tools4Seo's plaform provides free plagiarism checker for student free of cost. 

Journalists and Reporters

Every journalist has to represent their content as an original work. Although news and events would be the same, they have to write their content in their style. The copyright checker will assist you in finding plagiarism content in your writing. You can rewrite it to avoid plagiarism and convert it into original work. All journalists and reports should check plagiarism before publishing their content to maintain their respect and fame among the audience.

Professors and Research Supervisors

As a research supervisor or a professor, it is impossible to manually investigate a student's thesis for duplication of content—a super-easy way to copy the research thesis and paste it into tools4Seo's plagiarism checker tool. The tool will display all the duplicate content with their sources. You can check the start by following the link. Within a few seconds, you can find how much percentage of your work is original and plagiarism-free. It is the best free plagiarism checker for teachers, and research supervisors. 


Why use Tools4Seo's Plagiarism Checker?

For the following reasons, you should use tools4Seo's free online plagiarism checker:

In-Depth Content Duplication Check

This tool works on advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, deeply evaluates each word in a 1000 words document content, and compares with millions of web pages on the internet. After completing the plagiarism checking process, it will show the duplicate content, a better tool than Turnitin. You can remove plagiarism by rewriting the specific sentences to remove the same content from your article.

Accurate Results

Our best online plagiarism checker x displays accurate results with the percentage of unique and duplicate content and never shows you the wrong results. The plagiarism checker tool works on AI-based technology and shares the results with evidence. It also offers you the link to the plagiarized content of your document.

Privacy Guarantee

Our SEO tools platform ensures the complete privacy of our valuable users. You can use our plagiarism detector tool without fearing misuse of your valuable data. Tools4Seo's free SEO tools platform never saves your data in our servers. All your data is wiped out right after your plagiarism checking operation is done.


Consequences of Plagiarism

Plagiarism or content duplication in every field is a significant crime. Outcomes of plagiarism can be different in every field, depending on the nature of the job. The following consequences are listed below:

  • An author can damage your reputation among the audience.
  • A website owner can lose your website authority if you use duplicate content on your website. Search engine bots easily detect plagiarized content, and you will be penalized by re-ranking or removing your website from SERP in the worst scenario.
  • A content writer can damage their career and reputation for using duplicate content in their articles.
  • If the original content owner sues you, a content writer can also face legal consequences. You might lose your reputation and credibility with your hard-earned money to pay for compensation.

How to use our Online Plagiarism Checker Tool?

It is the best plagiarism checker bacause it is free of cost and requires no registration like quetext plagiarism checker. Follow the simple steps to check plagiarism in your content around the web.

  1. Go to
  2. Copy the content that you want to check for plagiarism.
  3. Paste it in a text box on the above mention page.
  4. Enter the button "Check for Plagiarism."
  5. You will show plagiarized content with percentage.


What is Plagiarism Checking?

In short, plagiarism checking or content duplication-checking is a process of identifying the copyright infringement content within a work of researchers, bloggers, digital marketers, or web admins. It is imperative to check plagiarism because it can damage your reputation in your specific niche. You can use citation or rewrite your content to avoid plagiarism penalty.


What are the most common types of plagiarism?

There are many types of plagiarism. A few crucial types are:

  • Complete Plagiarism: Upload or submit other content creators’ work with your name.
  • Source-Based Plagiarism: Use ambiguous citation sources or non-existence sources in your article as a reference.
  • Direct Plagiarism: Copy-paste the whole article without rewriting it in your own words and publish it categorized in direct plagiarism.
  • Self/ Auto Plagiarism: Use your content multiple times without attribution.
  • Paraphrasing Plagiarism: Rewrite other’s content sentence by sentence, with minor changes.
  • Mosaic Plagiarism: Intermix other phrases or sentences in your writing without citation sources.
  • Accidental Plagiarism: Unintentional use of others’ written content. Every writer should use a plagiarism checker to avoid accidentally copying content.
  • Inaccurate Authorship: Authorship instead of acknowledgment to contributors and vice versa.


How to check for plagiarism free of cost?

Tools4Seo’s advanced SEO Tools also provide a premium plagiarism checker tool. Just follow the link and paste your article in the text box. Submit for

checking duplicate content across the millions of websites on the internet.

A report will display that percentage explaining unique and plagiarized content within a few seconds.


What percentage of plagiarism is acceptable?

Search Engine bots show zero tolerance for plagiarized content. Although, in academics, there is some lenience regarding plagiarized content. Bear able percentage of plagiarized content varies from institute to institute.