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Link Analyzer Tool: Check Internal and External Links of your Webpage in a Single Click 

Do you want to analyse off-page SEO of your webpage? Do you want to know about the internal and external links of your webpages? You need a reliable website link analyzer tool, to know about the link profile of your webpage. 


Internal linking is like the blood runs in your body. Search Engine bots crawl one page to another of your website, if you use proper internal linking techniques for your website. While external links are like votes, other websites related to your niche provide your website. It helps search engines to identify the quality of your content. Google considers vote trustworthy depending on the domain authority of the website. Higher the domain authority of linking websites, the more effective would be considered by the google bot “RankMath”. 


Analysing the website links is the crucial part of off-page search engine optimization. Links from low domain authority websites can damage your reputation according to search engine bots. Your website position in SERP can be compromised if your website is linking with low domain authority websites. Due to the significance of links from high domain authority websites, the online link analyzer tool is a super beneficial tool for search engine optimization specialists to analyse their website’s pages.

Tools4Seo provides you the reliable and effective tool that provides you with the complete report of internal and external links of your webpage and also tells you whether they are dofollow or nofollow links. This website link checker tool analyses your webpage and finds out the internal links of your webpage as google spider does while crawling your webpage. Search Engines like Google, evaluate the internal linking structure of your website and improve rank in SERP, if you do proper internal linking between the webpages.  


Tools4Seo’s Internal and External link analyzer tool has an ability to analyse the complete website within a single click. Moreover, if you want an in-depth link audit, you can analyse individual web pages of any website. Just enter the URL of any webpage and analyse the detailed audit within a few seconds. 


How to use Website Link Analyzer Tool?

Tools4Seo’s free SEO tools providers platform is popular among digital marketing specialists due to its simple, engaging, interactive and easy to use user interface design. Just enter the URL of the webpage that you want to analyse after landing on the link analyzer tool. This tool will display the complete list of your website’s internal and external links. In addition, it also shows you whether these links are dofollow or nofollow links. 

Digital Marketing experts check their website’s links regularly to find out whether they are related to their content niches or not. They also check the domain authority of the websites that are linking with their websites, because domain authority can affect the ranking of your website in SERP.   


External or Internal Links: How are they different?

External links are basically hyperlinks that help the user to move from one website’s page to another website’s page.  Although, external or outbound links are votes of confidence for a website from other websites of the same niche and have a great impact in search engines ranking. Actually, external links are providing extra information to the reader. The website owner with high domain authority provides you with a link to your webpage that should elaborate or provide additional information to the user. In short, links from other websites that are directed towards your website are known as “External links”.


On the other hand, links that point to another page of the same website are known as “Internal Links”. Internal linking is like the blood running in our body and helps search engines to crawl all your website’s pages. A proper interlinking is a key factor to crawl and index all pages of a website without submitting a sitemap in the Google search console. 


How does Website Link Analyzer Tool Works to find Inbound & Outbound Links?

This website link checker tool provides you with the complete report of Inbound and outbound links of your webpage and helps digital marketing specialists to find out the quality of outbound links. As interlinking is a crucial factor of SEO and needs to be properly analysed, as google fails to crawl your web pages in the search engine that are not properly interlink with other webpages of your website. 


This tool also identifies the interlink pages and displays a complete report with the URL of web pages. If your webpages are not properly interlinked, you can refine it by using the links of other webpages of your website. Keep it in mind, your interlink web pages should’ve relevant niches, otherwise it can severely damage your website ranking in SERP. 


The website link checker algorithm extracts all the links that you use in your content and shows you the complete report of your desired web page link types. This link analyzer tools shows the following metrics:

  • Total number of links of your submitted webpage.

  • Information about inbound and outbound links.

  • Type of links, whether they are dofollow or nofollow.

  • URLs of outbound & inbound links of your submitted webpage.

  • Information about the anchor text that contains the outbound link of your webpage.

According to Google Expert, broken links of your website severely damage the ranking and authority of your website. Google algorithm considers your website’s content a low quality when your website contains a large number of broken links. You must identify the dead links of your website when you are preparing the audit report of your website. Removing the broken links from your website helps to improve ranking in search engines. 


Why to use Online Hyperlink Checker Tool to analyse your Website Off-page SEO?

The main question for most of the newbies in search engine optimization is “How to check links of websites without purchasing costly tools?” Now, we are providing you a free SEO tools platform, in which you can analyse your website free of cost.

This super efficient and reliable hyperlink checker tool by Tools4Seo is one of the best options for website owners because it provides you with the complete report of Inbound and Outbound links of your required website. You can analyse links and can compare with your competitors to track your success in winning backlinks from high authority websites. 


The purpose of linking your website with high domain authority websites is to improve rank in search engines. As mentioned before, links should be from the website with high domain rating and related to your website’s niche. If your website links with a low domain authority webpage, google considers it a bad link. However, if your web pages contain broken links, google considers it a bad link and your website loses trust of search engines.

In short, this link tester tool helps you to check links of your website as well your competitors websites. You can also find out the opportunity to get the backlinks for your webpage. However, winning backlinks from the broken links of competitors' websites is one of the easiest ways to get outbound links for your website. You should focus on your competitors website for the backlink opportunity as it is a crucial factor to improve your search engine rank. 


How to Use Online Link Scanner Tool Effectively for Optimum Results?

The most crucial job of an SEO specialist is to analyse the links that are directed or linked to your website, as link analyzing is the important part of search engine optimization. A proper balance between inbound and outbound links can boost your website’s position in SERP.  


There are several SEO tools platforms over the internet, but most of them are paid or require hectic registration to use tools. Tools4Seo’s Website link analyzer tool is a safe link checker tool and provides the correct information of your website within a few moments. You do not have to register to use our tools. Just enter the link of the webpage and analyze your web page Inbound and Outbound links.