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Tools4Seo's free backlinks checker tool helps SEO specialists analyze your website's backlinks. Our backlink checker API integrates with the Ahrefs engine to find out the correct backlinks information with detailed reports of your website. It is also simple, easy to use, and provides you with real-time data. 


According to Google. "The most important ranking factor of search engines is the content on your website and the links with the web pages that are relevant to your niche. RankBrain followed links and content as a core factor to rank your content in SERP." - Andrey Lipattsev (Search Engine Optimization Strategist)


Our free backlink checker tool developers integrate the API of this tool with Ahrefs engine to analyze your website, providing you the backlink information with a complete display report of your desired website. This tool can help you in discovering the following details:

  • It tracks the backlink source and tells you about do-follow or no-follow backlinks.

  • Display an audit report based on your backlinks.

  • Research and discover your website's best-performing content.

  • Display the list of web pages and keywords that have the most backlinks.

  • Backlinks opportunities to analyze competitors' webpages. 


What is Backlink?

Link one website's page with another website known as Backlink. It is also known as "Inbound links," "incoming links," or "one way links." Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo consider backlinks a "Vote" for a specific webpage. The higher the number of backlinks, the higher the search engine ranking will be. Search engines also give ranking on the number of votes for a specific website. 


Linking strategy is nothing new in Search Engine Optimization. Google updates its search engine algorithm regularly, but backlinks are crucial in improving your search engine ranking. Google experts also confirmed that linking strategy is one of the essential factors for SEO. 


What types of Backlinks are Valuable?

All backlinks are not equally worthy. Search engines improve your ranking if you have quality backlinks. The impact of high authority website backlinks is a thousand times greater than low authority site backlinks. The key points should keep in mind while working on backlinking strategy:

  • Backlink should come from a high authority website, as it is trustworthy for search engines.

  • Not all link's anchor text should contain your primary targeted keyword.

  • Linking websites' niches should be related to your website.

  • Google prefers Do-follow Links.

  • Do not make multiple backlinks from a single source.


Why are Backlinks essential to improve Search Engine's Ranking? 

Search Engine's ranking is based on the number of votes from other websites for a specific webpage. Search engines consider the web page content valuable, credible, and useful based on votes. So, the more votes for your web page, the higher the ranking in search engines will be. 


Important metrics you can Analyse using Backlink Checker?

Our Backlink Checker tool is integrated with the Ahrefs engines for your required website's best real-time results. This tool will show a list of the most crucial search engine metrics with the quantity of the backlinks as:

  • List of website URLs that are linking with your website's pages. 

  • Displays the anchor text, your linked website using it to provide you a link. 

  • It will show you the backlink type, whether it is do-follow or no-follow.

  • Also, show the Domain Rating of your linking website. 

  • Organic keywords with their ranking position. 


How to use our Free Backlink Checker Tool?

Tools4Seo's backlink checker tool is super easy to use, even for non-technical persons. Follow the simple steps for checking your Backlink for your website or your competitor's website. 

  • Follow the backlink checker tool URL (https://tools4seo.site/backlink-checker/)

  • Enter the URL of your website that you want to know about their backlinks.

  • After inserting the URL, click on the "Submit" button.

  • In a few seconds, this tool will display the backlinks of that specific website.


Moreover, you must know about the following metrics in your competitor's analysis. The following metrics with the relevant free tools are given below:

  • Backlink Analysis: You do not just rely on the number of backlinks of your competitors. It would be best to analyze whether the links are do-follow or nofollow. Use a free online link analyzer tool to display your competitor's web page's complete report. A complete list of Internal linking pages, external linking websites with the information, whether these links are do-follow or no-follow links. 

  • Alexa Rank Check: The most important metric to know the popularity of a website. It helps you determine how your website performs compared to your competitors' websites. You can use the free online Alexa Rank Checker tool to analyze your website's global rank, popularity, search engine traffic, traffic rank, and the region where your website is gaining popularity.  

  • Broken Links of the website: It is a crucial factor in your website's search engine optimization. According to Google guidelines, a large number of broken links to your website can severely damage your website search engine's ranking. Search Engine bots recognize this URL as spam or old age with no meaningful content. So, you must check your website's broken links.
    Contrary to this, you can find backlinks opportunities by analyzing the broken links of your competitor's websites. You can contact the website owner that was linking to your competitor's website before and request them to insert a link to your webpage. It will boost your search engine's ranking. 


  • Domain Authority: The most crucial factor of Off-page search optimization is the Domain Authority of a website. If your webpage links with the website with a low domain rating, your website webpage will start to lose its position in SERP. You must try to link with a high domain authority website. Check the website domain authority without paying the costly subscription using free online domain authority checker tools. 

  • Page Authority: After checking the domain authority, you should also check the webpage authority. In most cases, domain rating can be high, but the page authority is too low and vice versa. So, you should both check the authority of the domain and page of that website while you plan to link with your webpage. 


How Does Information Help to Make an Effective SEO Strategy?

An effective SEO strategy requires a deep analysis of your website and your competitor's websites. The steps mentioned above help you make deep research for your off-page SEO strategy, especially backlinks creations for your website. We also discuss how these backlink details can help you improve your website position in Search Engine Results and what you should do with this gathered information.

  • Competitor's Website Backlink Analysis: You must gather the information of your competitor's backlink profile. In backlink analysis, you try to find out your competitors' websites' Alexa Rank, Broken links, Domain and Page Authority, and the list of linking sites. After that, request linking your web page to those website owners that were linked to your competitors. Select a website for your web page linking with high domain and page authority. 

  • Link Recovery: Check your website links, and find whether it is a proper link to the website that you've requested for a link. If the link is broken, ask again to relink your webpage; otherwise, it can severely hurt your SEO ranking. In addition to this, also analyze 404 pages that contain inbound links. Use the 301 Redirect Checker tool to know whether it is accessible to users or not. 

  • Search Engine Optimization: You can do better SEO of your website if you use all the information that we've discussed in your optimization strategy. Without proper search engine optimization, you cannot rank your website even with great content on your website. You must do appropriate backlinking, social shares, and the use of infographics for the proper ranking in search engines.