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Alexa Rank Checker Tool

Alexa Rank Checker is a free tool that helps web admins to know their website rank in Alexa Ranking System. This tool is developed by Tools4Seo's developer with a senior SEO specialist team. That understands how search engines work. It provides the reliable, correct data fetch from the Alexa Search Engines related to your website that will be easy to understand, even for the newbies. 


Alexa Rank Checker by Tools4Seo provides you with the following data:

  • Website Reach: It provides data on how many users visit your website. The fetch data would be according to Alexa Search Engine Algorithm, as this tool uses the API to find out the visitors count. 

  • Location: In your marketing strategy, you are always targeting the viewers of a specific area. This tool also provides you with your website visitors' location, which helps to find out whether your targeted keywords work for your desired location. 

  • Global Rank: The developed API compares your website with other websites in your niches around the world and displays the rank of your website. 

  • Targeted location Rank: You can determine whether your desired location is targeted. In addition, are you improving your ranking in your targeted location? 

  • Rank Variation: You can find out the variation in the ranking of your website. If you are not using Black Hat SEO techniques, your website ranking will be stable. You have to win quality backlinks if you want to retain your website ranking in search engines. 


What is Alexa Rank?

Suppose you want to know about website ranking in Search Engines in a specific location and globally. In that case, you have to rely on the companies that analyze the databases of websites on the web. Alexa, owned by Amazon, based in California, is a web traffic analysis company and gives the rank of websites based on their metrics.


It also provides your website traffic data and other information to help you in your marketing strategy. Alexa picks the data from your browser extensions and toolbars. Alexa Rank Checker extracts the data from the Alexa databases, as Alexa ranks the millions of websites around the globe based on their popularity and user experience.  


If you want to analyze the performance of your website, you have to check the "Alexa Rank" of your website. As you work on your Search Engine optimization strategy, you analyze the ranking of your website. The ranking of websites depends on the content quality and backlinks from other websites. You can optimize your website performance and ranking by analyzing the information that this tool is providing you.  


What is the difference between Alexa Rank and Google Page Rank?

The difference between Alexa and Google page rank is confusing even for the senior search engine optimization specialists. Both contain search engines database and their analyses according to their rank factors. Alexa and Google rank websites focus on different aspects to rank. 


Google Page Rank considers the following key metrics for a website to rank in search engines:

  • Website Authority

  • Quality Content

  • User Engagement

  • Linking website Domain Authority

  • User Intent Keywords

  • SEO Friendly Keywords

  • Page Speed


Alexa improves the rank of a website based on its popularity via traffic and engagement. But Google also considers other 200+ SEO factors while deciding any website's rank.  


How to use this Alexa Rank Checker Tool?

The usage of tools was never simple before the development of Tools4Seo's SEO Tools platform. Alexa Rank Checker has a simple and interactive user interface. Just follow the simple steps to acquire the valuable data of your required website:

  • Make sure you are on the right page. Follow the URL ( to access Alexa Rank Checker Tool. 

  • Insert the URLs of the websites you want to check for Alexa Rank. This tool scans the ranking of your inserted website in a few seconds.

  • Click on the "Check" button to start the tool for checking websites from the Alexa database.


This tool will display the ranking and search engine traffic of your desired websites in a few seconds. In addition, you are also welcome to use our free Mozrank Checker tool. 


Why should I Consider Alexa Rank for SEO Strategy?

The Alexa Rank algorithm analyses millions of websites based on their content and users engagement and stores their data in their databases. Alexa algorithms give ranking to the website, as it is the most effective website analytical tool. Alexa provides the ranking of websites based on the past three months of user experience, content updates, and the website that provides links to that specific website. 


Now, why should you analyze the Alexa Rank of your website regularly? We discuss the key benefits to check the Alexa Rank:

  • Analysis of your Website: If you are a website owner or a blogger, you should check the performance of your website on the internet. It will help in making a strategy for your website. Analyze the factors that can increase your Alexa ranking and apply them in your website optimization. After implementation, regularly check whether your plan is working or not. There are almost 200+ Search Engine Optimization factors that search engines consider in website rank. Apply the factors, and analyze the change in your website rank. 

  • Analyze Competitor's Websites: Your main goal is to compete with other websites on the web and rank on first search results. You have to analyze your competitors' strategies how they rank on the top result in search engines. Follow their strategy with better content and quality backlinks and analyze your Alexa rank. Our Alexa Rank Checker tool provides you free unlimited usage of this tool, and you can check all your competitor's websites within a few moments. 

  • Market Analysis for Advertisement: Alexa Rank Checker tool gives you an idea about the website's popularity. If you want to run google ads on your relevant niche website, you first have to analyze the specific website's popularity, quality, and location in which that website is popular. You can choose a website based on content and niche to run google ads to promote your product. Alexa Rank Checker helps you find out the perfect website for the best return on investment (ROI). 


  • Who-is-Who Analysis: The Alexa analysis algorithm ranks the websites globally, country-wise, and category-wise. You can analyze your website ranking globally and in specific regions. It also gives rank to your website in your particular industry. So, SEO specialists urge to make micro niches instead of macro niches websites to quickly attain a high rank in SERP. 


How to Improve Alexa Rank?

The most critical and technical question arises in most of the newbie's minds: "How can I improve my website's Alexa Rank?". This section will discuss some key metrics that help improve your website's Alexa rank.


  • Website Traffic: Alexa Rank based on the site traffic. You can improve your website's Alexa rank simply by increasing the website traffic. You can use Google Adsense and Social Media Marketing to enhance the visits to your website. Although, visits can also increase by increasing the frequency of your content updates and uploading new content on your website. 

  • Engagement: It is also a key metric to improve your Alexa ranking. User engagement will improve if and only if you provide quality content to the visitors. You can improve your website ranking with eye-catchy design, page loading speed, and easy navigation between pages. 

  • Competitor's Analysis: It is also an effective technique to improve your website's Alexa Rank. Analyze your competitor's website with high ranks in Alexa ranking, and try to find out the factors due to which these websites are on the higher ranks. Apply those factors for your websites, and check your Alexa rank, whether it is improving or not. It can take some time to improve your ranking in search engines. So, keep checking your website's Alexa Rank regularly. 


I am sure the Alexa Rank Checker tool will help you improve your Alexa rank. Please read the complete guidelines discussed in this article for better results. You can also check the Moz rank of your website.